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We have worked with some amazing people over the last few years and highlighted here are two projects from 2018 and 2016 as well as details about two soon-to-be-released short films. We are always on the look out for interesting projects and fascinating stories. If you are involved in an organisation with a story to tell or if you are a writer or producer and wish to develop an idea please do get in touch to discuss what might be possible. There are many funding possibilities for compelling stories, the first step is the development of a strong pitch, a clear idea, and the subsequent building of a taster or teaser. Let us know if you have a story which has to be told.



The Glen Theatre

The Glen Theatre (28min) tells the story of a community theatre in Banteer in rural Ireland. We hear from the people who were present when it was proposed that an old school, which had by then become a cow shed, could be turned into a theatre. The actors, committee members and others involved work tirelessly, giving time and effort freely in order to make their project a success. We ask them to tell us what the rewards are for all this effort and get some surprising answers. The hospitality and welcome we received from the people of Banteer was really amazing - a big thank you to all involved.

The Glen Theatre Website



The Sex Workers Project

The Sex Workers Project (9min) and At Riccardo’s (7min) are both part of a set of work we did with the society portrait painter Alexander Newley ( in London over a few years. In 2015 Alexander had started development of a project which would see him paint the portraits of people who sold sex. It became apparent that this would make an interesting film and so we were asked to come on board to document the process and the fascinating and at times emotional discussions which would emerge between the artist and his sitter. The Sex Workers Project was further developed with a view to broadcast, a highlight from this phase was the opportunity to work with the eminent and extraordinary T.V. producer Michael Attwell (



At Riccardo’s

Watch as portrait artist Alexander Newley works on a painting of well known restaurateur Riccardo Mariti. As well as gaining an insight into the development of of a single artwork we join Alexander and Riccardo as they discuss the process, what it is like to be a ‘subject’ and the importance of rapport.



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An Irish Man in Texas

The extraordinary tale of one man’s emigrant journey from an impoverished Ireland to a wild and booming Texas. After teenage years at sea he became a merchant in San Antonio (via some adventures in New Orleans), blew up his own shop to prevent his gunpowder supplies falling into enemy hands, was captured and imprisoned in Mexico, lead an escape and returned to Texas and became one of America’s richest men who counted opposing civil war generals, society ladies and infamous and famous characters as close friends and entertained them all in lavish style on his property in the centre of San Antonio. It is the main house from that property which is seen in the picture on the left. Such was his importance to the city that his house was moved block by block by the Witte Museum to a new site for preservation. We travelled to Texas to talk to academics and museum staff about this larger than life figure and the historic events he was intimately involved in. We explored the landscapes he traveled and saw the modern day border with Mexico where once he owned land and has a street named after him. And the name of this remarkable man? His name was - John Twohig. Of Texas.

The Witte Museum Website.




This very personal film follows a series of discussions with Hill Robinson M.B.E. which took place over a few years. Hill remembers events from his life, a life which spanned ten decades and encompasses most of the Twentieth Century. When Hill was born Ireland was part of The British Empire, in a state of Civil War with partition about to take place. The First World War was a recent event and ahead lay the Second World War, the Atom Bomb, the Fifties and Sixties consumer boom, cultural revolution, The Beatles, war in Northern Ireland, peace in Northern Ireland and every other event of note to which Hill would be a witness. Achieving great success in business afforded Hill the opportunity to travel the world, and experience its many wonders while at home he was a founding member of several local branches of various beneficent organisations all of which are still in existence and going strong. With a sharp memory and a quick wit Hill was a natural raconteur and superbly entertaining company. He is very sadly missed by all who were lucky enough to know him.