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Welcome to the information page. Here you can find ways to get in touch, read-all-about-it in the ‘About Us’ section and, at the bottom of the page check out our guide to pricing corporate and commercial film production.


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Lowertown Road, Ballymagorry, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.


About Foyle Media

Foyle Media is a new venture started by photographer John Twohig in response to the growing demand for film and video work from both commercial and non-commercial clients. Combining John’s artistic flair and cinematographer’s eye for detail with a team of highly motivated and professional production support staff, we use state of the art digital broadcast and cinema equipment to produce film/video/photography for a variety of customers and collaborators.

A decade or so ago a small business or arts group might have been able to produce a very simple ‘Video’ at a considerable cost and with varied success. Even high quality stills photography was beyond the reach of many regional businesses and organisations. The production of a Teaser for pitching to a commissioning editor was possible only with considerable funding already in place. Today on-line and broadcast content must be available in sufficient quantity to satisfy the demands of multiple platforms, streaming hosting and casting every hour of every day. Material must be of the highest possible quality, while simultaneously possessing some element of the cutting edge, the avant garde, the post-modern and the classically inspired. It’s a tall order! The production of quality content is now financially possible but it must compete in a crowded noisy marketplace. You have the attention of your customer, commissioning editor or community for only a few seconds. Make every second count and make it with Foyle Media.



Your story is important - start telling it.

A guide to Pricing & Budget

for filming and photography production,

commercial and corporate.

How much will it cost? What will I get for my investment? How much finance do we need to begin production? How much should I pay for a corporate video? The following is provided as a guide but it is important to remember that projects vary in scale and complexity and this will be reflected in final pricing. Very simple jobs needing little post production can be charged at reduced rates in some cases. Collaborations and co-productions will have unique financial arrangements but the information here is still a useful guide for building a budget proposal.

  • Single Day Shooting (8 Hours approx) - Stills Photography including standard studio flash/lights, digital delivery of selection of photographs with basic editing - £800 €900

  • Single Day Shooting - Stills Photography - As above but with one studio/location assistant and limited logistics support (Good choice for location fashion/product/commercial work) - £1200 €1350

  • Day rate for basic filming - Including Canon EOS C series Camera & Lenses and drone (DJI Phantom 4 Pro), no sound or basic sound, no lighting, footage delivery only or single simple edit - £1000 €1125

  • Standard Production Package - Single Day - Filming with basic production support, full day shooting with cameras and drone, basic sound and Mics, basic lights, support vehicle, one assistant and delivery of at least two edited films, one short (3 minutes or less) and one other (which could be a thirty second commercial or a longer cut of an event or set of interviews) - £2000 €2250

  • Standard Production Package - Multiple Days - £2000 for day one plus £1200 per additional day including one assistant per day.

As an example, for many small and medium businesses a one day package could provide a great promotional video or set of videos for social media including perhaps aerial filming of places and properties, maybe interviews with staff or a minimal advertising shoot with an actor or model (at additional cost).

We can provide additional production staff, talent and logistical support and will arrange equipment hire and location services as needed through trusted third parties, this will incur an administration charge. We are available for work throughout Ireland and Europe, travel will be charged at cost in most cases with no charge for places within two hours road travel of our location, see map above.

Risk assessment, insurance, Health & Safety issues as well music and image rights, model and actor release forms, other legal and ethical concerns will be assessed for every production and Foyle Media will assist and advise on any additional costs. It should be remembered that complex projects with legal or intellectual rights issues can become prohibitively expensive, for example any commercial photography/cinematography will require talent and property release for every person or item on screen which for crowds and some locations can be difficult or impossible to obtain.

If you are a small business or organisation and your budget is modest, reducing costs and being time efficient will make the most of your investment. In order to maintain the highest quality keep the proposal simple with a clear achievable goal, provide as much support material as you can and be organised. If you can assemble all staff, products or whatever is needed on focused, well planned shooting days this can reduce costs greatly. Let Foyle Media help, get in touch and start planning your production today.