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If you are a small or large business and are searching for a digital media company you can trust then get in touch with Foyle Media today. Your brand, your products, your services, your identity; it has taken time to achieve what you have and you now need to tell your story and market your business in a hyper-competitive environment on the shifting sands of Social Media Platforms and the Internet. Vital to all of this is a suite of cutting edge digital film content, smart promotional films, gorgeous advertising and eye catching imagery. That is where we come in.

Start the process right now, the more time we have to work through concepts and plan the production, the more likely you are to end up with beautiful results and a good selection of material to use across your promotion and marketing portfolio. Smart planning starting now can save critical shooting time later on and will significantly reduce the risk of running over budget.

It comes down to quality, cost and time. Solving this formula is what business is all about. Here at Foyle Media we believe that maximum quality can be achieved for a reasonable investment of time and money. If the core concept is clear and the project and production is carefully planned then together we can achieve results exceeding your expectations and leaving your audience screaming for more and beating a path to your door.

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The Mini Bean

This short promotional video is a sample of what can be achieved with a few hours shooting and a very limited budget. It helps of course if your business is housed in a bespoke and utterly charming little caravan and you locate it in one of Irelands most beautiful and epic settings. If you are lucky enough to have assets like these this sort of thing can be made for your business for a very modest cost…

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How to Make almond milk

… Not everyone is located in spectacular scenic splendour however and many business operate from very ordinary places like industrial estates and factory units. That doesn’t mean that the product you make can’t find its way to an exotic location. The passion you have for the service you offer or the business you have built, the skills and talents you and your staff have developed and trained for can be powerfully articulated and can command attention as surely as a glorious landscape.

Promotional material can include ‘How To’ videos like this one on making Almond Milk. Content like this on social platforms and on websites, drives traffic, heightens brand awareness and increases all important engagement. Think laterally about what your business does and consider developing content that offers something extra and which is inspired by your experience and knowledge of the market.



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The Saint Rose portfolio

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